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Meet Us

Gencay Er.png

Gencay ER

Chairman of the Board

We support the sustainable growth of our exporters with the services we provide with our innovative, solution-oriented and professional staff,

We make a positive contribution to the export volume of our country.


By working with ETİK INC. CO. you can save time, reduce your costs, access qualified information quickly, and control your cash flow by regularly collecting your VAT refunds.


I invite you to work with confidence, taking advantage of our 20 years of experience.



Foreign Trade and Marketing Incorporated Company

Established in 2002. In 2003, it was given the title of "Sectoral Foreign Trade Capital Company" by the Ministry of Economy.

As of 2021, the only authorized company in the "Textile and Apparel" Sector is SDTS.
(You can click to check on the website of the Ministry.)


Olcay ER

Group A Shareholder

ETİK INC. CO. and its professional team have made it their duty to provide the best service to their customers by acting with the principles of honesty, confidentiality and discipline, to produce reliable, high quality service for the companies entrusted to them, and to provide solution-oriented service with unlimited customer satisfaction.


With ETİK INC. CO. you can take firm steps towards your goal of sustainable growth.

Our Awards

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